The ‘Secret’ contest was off the chain! Over 100 submissions, with a healthy mix of genres (not all progressive style). ❤️Twelve ❤️ did amazing on his 1st place style and composition- the tune was unique and authentic (never heard anything like it!!!) – so addicting to listen to. In second place ?Chevko Ronaldi ?made an amazing melody, which was a very emotional one. I think it really takes listeners to a different place. Really love this tune. In 3rd place ? Hidde? with a sick future bounce track!!! Very nice unique tune. Congratulations to everyone in the contest so many great remixes submitted that didn’t get top five but are still on my playlist.. so much talent here! ????

The winners:
1. Twelve…/dave-nazza-ft-westcoastjulie-secre…
2. Chevko Ronaldi…/dave-nazza-ft-westcoastjulie-secre…
3. Hidde…/dave-nazza-ft-westcoastjulie-secre…
4. Arsen & Joye Mill
5. Joysic

* The Contest winner and 2nd Place will get released by Tritone Records*
* 3rd place: Soundcloud support by Tritone Records*

??Check out the winners tracks here:

??Check out all submissions here:…/1TG7cd3QlCNh349XXeVeDmAI…/htmlview