Updated for 2022 – Professional Skin Care Lines For Estheticians – Best Professional Skin Care Products For Estheticians – The Ultimate 2022 Guide!

Are you looking for professional skin care lines for estheticians? Read on for the 2022 ultimate guide to the best skin care brands to carry in your spa!

The search for the best skin care line to sell in your spa, salon, medical office, or even mobile esthetician practice can be truly daunting. With social media and constant advertisements in our faces all day long, it can be hard to decipher what the best top rated skin care line is to invest in, and more importantly, which line is best to sell to your clients. When investing in a skincare line for your spa, it’s important to not only investigate the various brands reputation, but you also must consider the products ingredients and ingredient sourcing. There are large companies, medium companies, and indie brands to consider when making a decision to bring on a line. We all want to carry the best professional skin care line that will help target our clients’ skin concerns, but how do we find the perfect match for our practice? Worry no more! Keep reading for a short list of tips for selecting the right brand, followed by my complete list of the top 10 professional skin care lines you need in your spa right now!

Updated: January 5th, 2022

Pick at least 2 brands to carry.

My 10+ years professional experience and research indicates that carrying multiple brands can increase sales and enhance a consumers perceived buying power and options. Carrying two brands also gives you the flexibility to have more options, and more opportunities to sell clients more product for a more customized skin care routine. I have always believed a spa should carry a larger well-known brand, and a smaller indie brand. This balances the retail display, creates more interest, increases sales, and offers a diverse selection of products for your clients. It’s also safe to say that to ensure your clients have access to the most effective skin care products, sometimes you can’t get it all in just one product line. Sometimes you need a second retail line to cover all your bases!

Go with an Indie Brand.

With Amazon, Ebay, and other internet buying sites, our clients are quick to hop on board to the latest and greatest internet skincare trend. Whether it’s a peel off black charcoal masques (*gasp*) or a trending Kylie Skin mask, our clients are just as vulnerable to internet advertising as we are. That’s why it is so important to carry one strong organic vegan indie brand in your practice or spa in addition to a clinical or larger organic brand. Carrying an Indie product line is not only attractive to clients (because Indie brands are trending right now), but it will give you an edge and leverage when it comes to protecting your professional retail sales by ensuring your clients can only buy from you.

Top 10 Professional Skin Care Brands – My Ultimate Guide For 2022!

  1. Fountain Of Youth Skincare

One of the most unique (and amazingly *yummy*) up and coming top skin care companies, Fountain Of Youth Skin Care is a professional Indie brand dedicated to creating clean vegan, natural, and organic skincare made with amazing quality fruit-infused ingredients. Fountain Of Youth Skin Care is fruit infused skincare and plant based skincare that has professional grade actives for unparalleled results.  This line is perfect for all skin types, all ages, and even sensitive skin types. A boutique line of perfected trending products, FOY products will enhance your retail shelves and make your spa stand out from the crowd. Check out FOY’s chocolate #1 selling face mask and trending dewy super hydrating #1 selling moisturizer Coconut Moisturizer! Whether you are looking for skin cream brands, or just browsing for the most effective skin care products, Fountain Of Youth Skincare has you covered!

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Additional Information:

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– Made in small batches in the USA

– Offers a professional skincare range and body care for all ages

  1. Farmhouse Fresh

One of my favorite professional skin care lines for spas, Farmhouse Fresh sells amazing body care grown in Texas. FHF offers cruelty free natural and organic skincare and spa body products amazing for everyone who wants to be pampered in style! My favorite FHF product is their whoopie cream (a delicious vanilla body cream) and their fluffy bunny body wash! I first found out about FHF when I was staying at Four Seasons Resort, and a whoopie cream jar was left on my pillow. Little did I know whoopie cream would be my go to hand cream for over 5 years!

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  1. Eminence Skin Care

One of the brands I consider to be in the top 5 premium skincare brands in the world, Eminence Organics has been one of the best skincare lines for estheticians because they are organic, provide amazing training to their partner spas, and plant a tree for every product sold. Two of my favorite products by Eminence include Eminence Facial Recovery Oil and their amazing eminence strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant!

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  1. Obagi Skin Care

What is the best medical grade skin care line? I consider it to be Obaji Skin Care, hands down. This line is what I would consider to be one of the best pharmaceutical grade skin care lines on the market today, offering 100% prescription strength skincare products. Two of my favorite products include their and their Obagi Gentle Cleanser.

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Additional Information:

  • Available for purchase and resale only through physicians offices
  1. PCA Skin

PCA skin care was created in 1990 by an esthetician and developed by a dermatologist. I personally love receiving their peels and get them religiously! I love their peptides. One of my all time favorite peptides is their Total Strength Serum. I would recommend this line if you are not able to get an Obagi account!

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  1. SkinCeuticals

When we are talking about professional skin care lines for estheticians, SkinCeuticals skin care pops into my mind as a science based company driven by results. They have been nominated by Allure for Best Of Beauty, and are well known by many. I personally adore their popular skinceuticals c e ferulic serum! You also might have heard of them because of their trending HydraFacial treatment which is all the rage right now! The Hydra Facial cleans, extracts, and hydrates using concentrated serums.

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  1. Epionce

Epionce skin care is a physician strength pharmaceutical grade skincare line that is backed up by 20+ years of research. All of their products are paraben, fragrance, and gluten free!

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  1. Hale & Hush

Hale and Hush is a fragrance free line specifically made for sensitive skin. Hale & Hush skin care is a staple for sensitive skin clients, and is a truly amazing line made specifically for people with chronic skin issues because of diabetes or cancer.

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  1. Dermalogica

We all know Dermalogica skin care, right? The pioneer of professional skincare! This line is a well recognized line and is amazing for new esties as well as established practitioners. A truly all around effective skin care line with many different buy-in options available.

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  1. BioElements

Last but certainly not least is Bioelements skin care! Their line is completely free of sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, fragrances and any dyes. What’s not to love?

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I hope you enjoyed my top 10 best skin care lines for estheticians!  Choosing a wholesale skin care line can require a lot of research – I truly hope my article gave you more insight into top skincare brands available for estheticians. 

Happy Shopping! For more professional skin care posts please click here

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