Top professional skincare lines for Estheticians

It is no surprise that estheticians secretly rule the world.. seriously. Estheticians cure our skin woes and make us look fab-u-lous 24/7. How? They clean out our pores, fix our skin imperfections and make our skin dreams come true. Who needs a snap chat filter when you’ve got an estie with some rockin’ products to sell you?

I have many years experience in skin care, and have owned my own successful spa. I’m going to tell you my secrets when choosing a skincare line and give you my honest opinions on wholesale skin care lines for estheticians, based on my experience.  Looking for top professional skincare lines for estheticians? Look no further!

I will start by telling you some tips I’ve come up with in deciding on skin care lines to carry at my spa, and then give you a list of Julie approved skin care lines that sell out fast!

Keep reading to get my comprehensive list of the very best skincare lines for estheticians AND tips for choosing the right professional skin care lines for your practice!

The Skin Care Marketing Tips For Choosing The Best Skincare Line

  1. Carry at-least two professional skin care brands but no more than four

This comes from the basic law of retail sales. There is a reason why big retailers don’t just carry one type of chip. It simply doesn’t work in a competitive marketplace. It’s 2020 people, you have to keep up with market trends and stay competitive when customers can buy online with the click of a button. Carry too many brands, and you’ll start to see product not move as fast, which can be detrimental on your checkbook because many organic products have a short shelf life. Shelf life consideration is important! Marketing is all about perception. If people see a bunch of random brands on your shelf, it might be perceived that you are unorganized or aren’t committed to a brand. As an esthetician, you are expected to be an expert in your field. Act like it! Have you ever walked into somebodys house that had 20 different styles, everything was mis matched, and there was clutter everywhere? Would you trust this person to design your home? Probably not. Keep a mindful and clean retail space. If you need inspiration just head over to pinterest, or scope out some retail shelving on google.

  1. Choose the prettiest branding, it matters!

You don’t have to choose a well-known brand to make this happen, because even indie brands can have amazing aesthetics and design elements. When bringing in a line, keep in mind you will have to display these items. Will the aesthetic of the brand match the look and feel you are going for? Are the products well designed in beautiful containers, or do they look like they were produced in China sometime in 1995? It is no secret that people tend to buy what looks good. Keep this in mind when selecting a brand to carry.

  1. Choose premium skin care brands that stands out

This goes hand in hand with the earlier rule, but a brand that stands out means that it needs to catch your attention. Bright colors or bold black and white labels often do this as it attracts the eye. Choose brands that have a great name combined with packaging that makes you want to buy it.

  1. Go natural!

The biggest trend right now is ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. In my experience, people want to know what they are buying and trust that it will also do what it says it will do. Going natural also lessens the risk for skin reactions. It is no wonder so many people are seeking out natural skincare over the old store bought stuff.

  1. Go Indie!

It is no secret that consumers tend to like new brands, and enjoy trying new things. With the rise of ‘shop small’ and ‘support local’ carrying an indie brand will help you stand out. They also won’t be sold on Amazon or at Ulta. Score!

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

If you are carrying any brand in your store, the company should stand behind their values, mission, and products. Ask questions. What is the return policy? Do you offer marketing tools? Go for companies with amazing customer service that will take care of you and your customers if something should go awry.

Top Premium Skin Care Lines For Estheticians:

Fountain Of Youth Skincare

Fountain Of Youth Skin Care is making a huge impact on professional skin care in the United States, and is popular among teens and millenials. Owning a spa is increasingly needing to cater to the millennial, which is why Fountain Of Youth Skincare is a smart choice for carrying a brand that attracts millennial and has a cult-like following among this age group. With it’s natural, vegan and farm grown ingredients, people can’t stop buying the stuff! Non irritating and free of toxic ingredients, this small indie line is amazing for spas – especially those of you that want an affordable option. Minimum orders for wholesale orders are only $50, and there is no minimum order to sign up.

Note: Products not sold on Amazon or Ulta.

Visit their website here or sign up for a free instant professional account!

Farmhouse Fresh

One of my favorite professional skin care lines for spas, Farmhouse Fresh sells amazing body care grown in the USA… and from Texas! FHF offers cruelty free natural skin care and organic skincare and spa body products amazing for everyone who wants to be pampered in style!

Note: FHF is sold on Amazon and other large online retailers.

Learn more about FHF professional accounts or start shopping now!

Eminence Skin Care

One of the best skincare lines for estheticians, Eminence is a large line that is application only. They sell only to certain spas depending on the are and zip code. I like this because it limits how many spas can carry eminence in your area. The downside is they have high minimums.

Note: Eminence is sold through multiple retailers online and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a retailer!

Obagi Skin Care

You might be wondering…what is the best medical grade skin care line? I love this line and it has to be Obaji Skin Care, hands down. This line is what I would consider to be one of the best pharmaceutical grade skincare lines for estheticians and medical professionals on the market today. You must have a doctor or medical pro on staff to register as a wholesaler as these products are prescription strength.

Note: Obagi is sold through multiple retailers and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a retailer!

PCA Skin

PCA skin care was created in 1990 by an esthetician and developed by a dermatologist. Known for their peels, they offer outstanding results. Love peptides? They’ve got you covered.

Note: PCA Skin is sold through multiple retailers and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a wholesale partner!

SkinCeuticals Skin Care

When looking out for top professional skin care lines for estheticians, SkinCeuticals skincare is one of the best in show. Interested in the HydraFacial treatment, well you’re in luck because they created it! The Hydra Facial cleans, extracts, and hydrates using concentrated serums for amazing results. You must have a medical professional on staff to register for a pro account with SkinCeuticals.

Note: SkinCeuticals is sold through multiple retailers and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a retailer or start shopping now!


Epionce skin care is a medical strength grade wholesale skincare line for estheticians that is backed up by 20 years of research..Wow! All of their products are paraben, fragrance, and even gluten free!

Note: Epionce Skin Care is sold through multiple retailers and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a retailer Epionce or start shopping now!

Hale & Hush

Hale and Hush is a fragrance free line made expressly for those of us with sensitive skin. Hale & Hush skin care is a staple for sensitive skin clients, and is a truly amazing line made specifically for people with chronic skin issues because of diabetes or cancer. If you have any kind of sensitivity, Hale & Hush Skin Care is great because they don’t use fragrance or harsh ingredients.

Learn more about becoming a wholesaler with Hale and Hush here!


Dermalogica Skin Care is a well recognized line and is great for new esties as well as established practitioners. They are on the spendier side to get started but offer a plethora of education and assistance through their experienced reps.

Note: They are sold online and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a partner!

I hope you enjoyed my top professional skin care lines for estheticians!  Selecting a wholesale skin care line can require a lot of research – I truly hope my article gave you more insight into premium skin care lines and best professional skin care products for estheticians.

Happy Shopping! For more professional skin care posts please click here.

About the author: Julie is a project management professional specializing in digital marketing, design, and e-commerce. She has been in the beauty industry for 15 years – has built successful brands, consulted for local spas, and is an expert in beauty marketing.

For any edit suggestions, or to be featured in my blog, contact me at xoxo.

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