Exactly how I completed 23 classes in 5.5 months at WGU – plus tips and entry process

Exactly how I completed 23 classes in 5.5 months at WGU, plus tips + entry process!

Are you looking for WGU reviews? Western governors university reviews are sparse on google, am I right? When I began my journey in completing my bachelor’s degree online, I wanted to find out if western governors university reputation was actually legit and respected. I could hardly find anything online. Sure there was a couple wgu reddit threads, but the bad ones were murky. I couldn’t tell if they were legit or just bitter. So I am here to give you my WGU reviews and tell you how I passed 23 classes in 5.5 months!

So, is WGU legit? If you are anything like I am, you are reading this because you are thinking WGU is too good to be true, right? I was like you… desperate for answers…scouring the internet for anything I could find about WGU. Questions like: Is western governors university legit? Is WGU a good school? Is western governors university accredited? Are WGU degrees respected? These are all great questions, and I’ll be answering them in this article. I WISHED someone would have posted a blog like this back when I began WGU in 2019. That’s why I made this… just for YOU!
I found WGU by accident, and in the oddest place, another university. I was in a counseling appointment to re-register at a local college to finish my bachelors and I asked what colleges my credits would transfer to 100%. She rattled off some- and then reluctantly said WGU quietly. And I was like say that again…what’s that? I could tell she didn’t want to tell me. That spiked my interest. We said our goodbyes and I looked up the school. Like you, I read reviews online and was excited, then reluctant, then excited again. Keep in mind what you read online isn’t always the truth. WGU did not pay or endorse this blog post, nor am I affiliated with any staff there. I just want to share with you how WGU education changed my life in hopes that it could change yours, too.
A little bit about me.. I had paid a stupid amount of money at The Art Institute Of Portland for an interior design degree which is basically useless. AI faces many lawsuits and legal issues for false advertising and misleading students. AI also is in hot water over aggressive loan sharking. Because of their bad rep, they closed down most schools.
Later, I went to Clark College in Vancouver Washington for a while to pursue Engineering. Fortunately I had taken all my Math and Sciences here which transferred to WGU with no problems.
I decided to attend WGU in January 2019 because I had done TONS of research and decided it was a great option to get your bachelor’s AND the program allows you to accelerate. WIN/WIN
After graduating WGU I got a great job 2 months later! I got 4 in-person interviews and got jobs at 2. One was a brand manager, and another was a marketing manager for an international company that works with Kroger and others. I also got an interview with HP, but the job didn’t pay enough so I declined on the phone interview when she told me the salary range. The 4th interview was a smaller company. More on that later.
I have a friend who works at NIKE who is a WGU college grad, and one who is a teacher in my cities school district. So, are WGU degrees legit? Absolutely. Can you get an amazing job? Absolutely. 
Is western governors university legit? Absolutely. 
I am currently an MBA student with a 4.0 at another university. WGU accelerated my MBA goal because without it, I saved so much time in my undergrad program by attaining a WGU online degrees. I am so thankful for WGU and had the BEST experience there. 
So, are WGU degrees respected? I would say yes and no and sorta. I know, I know. But online degrees are NEW and people like baby boomers (some of them) have this idea that if you didn’t go to a brick and mortar school – you arn’t legit. However, this is just a bias you need to get past. The other thing is… I only had ONE interview out of 4 where I was asked alot of questions about WGU. The guy was a total tool, and you could tell he was a know – it – all and was very stuck up about my degree. It was very rude, but I just stood my ground. This was the small business I interviewed at that I mentioned above. I’m not going to tell you that are not people out there that arn’t going to like seeing an online degree. However, WGU is accredited, and the overwhelming majority of people I meet are very excited about it! At my other three interviews, they either didn’t care, or said how theyve heard good things about online college. So, I don’t have an answer for you accept to.. go with you gut and use your judgement. There is always going to be haters, and WGU was worth it FOR ME. I have NO REGRETS. I LOVED MY EXPERIENCE HERE! To finish my bachelor’s I would have had to spend YEARS in school. As a mom and wife and a small business owner, I just don’t have the time or money. Accelerating was such a great opportunity for me.

Enough about me! Now to the good stuff:

Keep reading for the rundown on exactly how my experience went start to finish at Western Governor’s University as well as my tips on accelerating:

DISCLAIMER: I have added some Frequently asked questions below in addition to my numbered tips below. I will update more as I receive feedback and questions from people on my Instagram. I listed my Instagram handle at the bottom of this article so feel free to follow me and reach out on there. I’m happy to help answer your questions. 
Is western governors university accredited? YES! You can find out Western Governor’s University Accreditation on their website!
– How long does it take to get accepted to WGU? It took me 3 weeks from the date of my application I did online to get fully accepted at WGU.. This is because I had prior college credits from 2 schools and wanted to get them transferred to WGU university. I had gone to The Art Institute Of Portland where I had an associates in Interior Design, and had also completed my Math and Sciences from a community college in my hometown.
– How many credits did WGU transfer? I felt they were VERY fair in transferring credits and transferred the majority of them I was very happy!
1. Applying: Visited their website, filled out online application. Took 15 minutes. I didn’t need to pay the application fee, they had a coupon out which allowed the fee to get waived for me (application fee).
2. While waiting to hear back, I contacted my past colleges where I attended and requested and paid for transcripts to be sent to WGU. You can find this information on where to send transcripts on WGU’s website or talking to your enrollment counselor.
3. I got a call the next day from WGU and was able to ask many questions. The enrollment lady there wasn’t the best, but I had done so much research I didn’t let that hinder my opinion of the school. She couldn’t sign me up that day because my transcripts hadn’t come in yet for review.
4. After my transcripts arrived three weeks after I submitted them, the enrollment counselor called me with my results (exactly what would transfer) and if I was accepted. Everything transferred fairly, and surprisingly most of my Art Institute credits transferred which was awesome! I enrolled with her that day over the phone.
5. Sometime after I got a login and was able to sign up for auto pay through there website. Once they got payment, I was ready to go and just had to wait until the 15th of December to get assigned a mentor and see my classes.
6. I received a box in the mail a few weeks before I started which included a welcome letter, informational packets, a coffee mug, and the webcam.
7. Printed out my required classes and started studying a couple of classes right away on quizlet.
8. Heavily researched my upcoming classes in WGU Accelerators group on Facebook, and also on reddit. Search directly in the group with either the classes exact name: “Information Systems Management” AND the Class Number! I would search for both and find completely different posts. You want to research each class and document exactly the quickest way to pass the course. If the overwhelming majority of people say that all they did was watched the cohorts and passed – believe them! Document and don’t waste ANY time doing extra work. The cohorts at WGU are far better than other schools and you learn ALOT. When people say they watched the cohorts – please know you will have to take notes and understand the concepts. I still had to watch them, pause, watch, pause. I would take notes on my flashcards constantly. And then study the flashcards!
9. Purchased a day planner on amazon (I like the Erin Condren Day Planner Or A “week at a glance” brand – so I could see the full week ahead), 1000 pack of 5×7 flashcards, and notebooks.
10. I made a board with all of my classes and hung it up on my wall in my room for motivation. Each time I finished a class, I’d mark off a big X. This was incredibly motivating for me!
12. I personally used quizlet rarely, others swear by it, but for me I have a better time writing and looking at something to absorb information. I used traditional flashcards and would study them each night. I kept three stacks: Know, Don’t know, What the hell is this?
As I would memorize a term, it would go in the Know stack.. and so on.
13. Right before a test I would sit in front of the computer in a quiet room and go through ALL flashcards. You’d be surprised at how many times this saved me on questions.
14. Don’t abuse your camera. If you are accelerating the last thing you need is for your camera to break. Trust me, these cameras are cheaply made and WILL break. Don’t mess with it, don’t let your kids or husband/wife move it frequently. Just take care of it and use it when you need it: while testing.
15. For papers, answer the questions exactly. The papers are NOT graded by the same person or even the professor. This practice is fair, however, you will not get the same grader each time. Do exactly what the questions ask and don’t worry about adding “fluff”.
16. Plan extra time for paper grading. I am an excellent writer, but tend to do “too much”, getting too intricate and adding in details that they didn’t ask for. In other universities, this type of writing is considered good. However, at WGU, this isn’t the case. Simply write exactly what they ask for. Nothing more, nothing less. K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple, stupid!
17. Paper tests took an average of 3 days to get PER edit. Do not slack off on papers. Get it right the first time so you don’t suffer and get behind. Plan ahead and for the worst. My capstone needed 3 revisions and took me over two weeks to complete. Plan ahead.
18. Take advantage of the WGU accelerators group. Ask questions, no matter how stupid you think they are!
19. Search for keywords in the WGU accelerators group if you are looking for advice.
20. I did not slack off.
21. Pretend each class takes one week, go over the syllabus, and divide the work over 7 days. Get it done.
22. If you were “bored” in school, this is the school for you. You can accelerate quickly so the classes are fun and exciting. You get to move on as quickly as you can handle to a new class.
23. I personally never ever took a PA first. Here’s why: you end up having a halo bias – thinking you should study only what’s on the PA.
24. I would watch cohorts before touching the book.
25. Take extensive notes during the cohorts. Make flashcards from the cohort notes.
26. Bug your mentor. They have a ton of knowledge on classes and what’s more challenging vs. what’s a breeze to get through. Listen to them. I did.
27. I never attended a live cohort.
28. Information systems management was the hardest class. Plan 2-3 weeks of extensive memorization. I read the books, end of module quizzes and the cohorts. I probably over studied. How to finish WGU fast? Take your time in here and don’t slack off on this one!
29. Find out what classes you’ll be taking first and start studying right away for 1 or two by using quizlet. Even though you can’t open the classes early anymore – you can still study quizlet which will get you a head start!
30. I passed two classes in my first 48 hours doing this. Watched the cohorts for both classes, took the PA and then the OA. That was a great way to get ahead!

Other things to know at WGU:

What’s a cohort at WGU?
A cohort is a recorded lesson given by the instructor where you can hear their voice and they present slides like a power point presentation. The cohorts are amazing. The live cohorts are the exact same thing – but are live – so you can interact. People who struggle with a particular subject recommend live cohorts. Though, I never attended one. The reason? You have to arrange ahead of time – and I don’t have the schedule to be able to do that. I also was trying to accelerate at WGU, so every day wasted mattered.
Whats a PA vs. OA?
A PA is a pre-assesment. It is a pre test that goes over SOME of the material. THE PA SHOULD NOT BE A STUDY GUIDE. So many people just study the PA and fail the OA’s. Remember, if you are trying to accelerate, just do it right the first time. Study, watch cohorts and when you feel comfortable to take the OA, take the PA! Disclaimer: I only took the PA in half of my classes. I was usually very comfortable with the material and my mentor just unlocked the OA’s for me when I asked.
An OA is an objective assessment which is your FINAL exam that gives you a pass/fail grade in the class. THIS IS THE ONLY TEST THAT MATTERS. All the work you do: studying, flashcards, cohorts.. are leading up to the moment you sit down to take the OA.
As I think of more advice or tips, I will definitely update my article. You can also follow me on Instagram @westcoastjulie and reach out if you have any specific questions!

Best Face Moisturizers For Dry Sensitive Skin – Ultimate 2020 List

Are you struggling with dry skin and are currently on a quest to find the (and I mean THE) best face lotion for dry skin? Are you like me and have tried many things but still haven’t found the most hydrating moisturizer on earth?

Searching for the best hydrating face cream should not be this hard, which is why I decided to write about my journey and list out THE top 3 facial moisturizers for dry skin, tested and recommended by me!

I have SUPER dry and sensitive skin and therefore need super hydrating face moisturizer on the daily..but one that won’t irritate my skin. If this sounds like you, and you are seeking the best facial moisturizer for dry sensitive skin, then keep reading!

My dry skin journey:

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have the driest skin on earth compared to other people. It all happened after I gave birth to my son, and from there the rest is history. I grew up with normal skin and then I hit 16 and WHAM, I had acne. My acne persisted through my twenties and was the vain on my existence. After I gave birth, all of that changed – and now I understand the dry skin woes. I used to envy my friends complaining about their skin when their only skin concern was dry skin, but now I understand. Oh, yes, I understand now that dry skin is not fun. So, over the last year I have been searching for the most hydrating moisturizer I could find. I was desperate to find the holy grail of best face moisturizer for dry skin. I have spent well over $1,000.00 just in hopes of finding the best hydrating face lotion. So now are wondering my opinion for what is the most hydrating facial moisturizer!? Well, you are in luck because I have spent the insane dough on a plethora of top face moisturizers for dry skin and I am about to share with you my favorites for giving you the best hydration for face!

Reasons for my long search for a super hydrating face moisturizer:

  1. I realized my go-to makeup was looking ultra cakey and flaky! I hoped using a super hydrating face moisturizer would fix it. Note: I had to try MANY kinds, but alas – I found some that did the trick! And, despite you-tube telling me to buy makeup for dry skin, I can still use all of my tried and true faves without tossing in the towel on them. Literally using the right cream for your face might also do the trick if this is a concern of yours, too. Why throw out perfectly good makeup?


  1. My skin looked and felt dry. ALL. THE. TIME. I hope this doesn’t sound gross, but my skin without a proper face lotion for dry skin is super flaky.. especially around my nose, forehead, hairline and chin. Despite religiously exfoliating once a week, it didn’t matter. I was just dry, and I hated every minute of it. Nothing worked. I needed a good face moisturizer, and so my testing began. I tried for a long time to find a face cream for dry skin, just at stores or in passing at the mall. But nothing helped.

I started my journey like many do…online… *gasp*. I know, I know. I should have gone to my esthetician first.. but what’s a girl to do on a weekend night when she’s had a glass of wine and is at her wits end? I tried the usual big name brands. I won’t name the brands that didn’t work out, because that’s not why you are here! I want to focus my attention on what did work out to be named my top face moisturizers for dry skin.

Best face moisturizer for dry skin reviews – tested by.. me!

Now for what you’ve been waiting for…

  1. Fountain Of Youth Skincare, Coconut Moisturizer $42.00, 2oz.


Product description: “We’re crazy for coconuts and you should be too! This royal velvet moisturizer is possibly the best hydrating moisturizer you’ll ever use, providing long lasting hydration and baby soft skin. Coconut Moisturizer was formulated to help firm the skin and keep it hydrated all day. It is loaded with potent antioxidants from locally grown fruit sources! Amazing moisturizer that also treats pigmentation and redness. “ – Fountainofyouthskincare.com


My experience: This I am calling the best face moisturizer for dry sensitive skin. Why? Because I have dry sensitive skin and this stuff is GOLD. This is a dewy finish moisturizer that soaks in and does exactly what the description says it will do! It does have hyaluronic acid in it which holds 1000x its weight in water on top of hydrating ingredients. I have a nice glow after use and use it religiously. At night, I put a thick layer on before bed if I’m feeling extra dry, the next morning my face feels like a newborn baby’s skin – seriously! It smells lightly like coconuts which makes you feel like you are taking a little getaway to Hawaii each time you apply it. I’ve used many moisturizers and this one takes the cake for overall improvement in my skin health and ease of use – it’s not sticky or peely like other products. It really does exactly what the product description says – “best hydrating moisturizer you’ll ever use” – I believe!!!!! I always get compliments that I’m “glowing” when I use this. The best face moisturizer for very dry skin? I think so!


Note: If the moisturizer isn’t enough, and you want extra extra extra moisture, go for their dream serum underneath each moisturizer application! I do this sometimes when I want that extra boost. Bonus: The dream serum is antiaging and has lots of antioxidants!


  1. Tatcha, The Dewy Skin Cream, $68.00, 1.7oz


Product description: “A rich cream that feeds skin with plumping hydration and antioxidant-packed Japanese purple rice for a dewy, healthy glow. Ideal for dry skin, but can be used on normal skin for those who prefer a richer texture.” – Tatcha.com


My experience: This stuff my skin loves! The cream soaks in effortlessly and definitely hydrates! I would compare it to Fountain Of Youth as it also keeps me hydrated all day long. It is a bit spendy and as you can see it costs about double if you factor in the ounces/dollar. I look forward to using this and it feels like I’m treating myself after use! I never broke out with this product, even though I am very sensitive and usually break out. I used it for two weeks straight just for this review and my skin stayed healthy and pimple free! This one also doesn’t have a super strong fragrance, which is good.


  1. Tatcha, The Silk Cream, $120, 1.7oz


Product description: “This moisturizer is a rich yet weightless gel cream that gives skin the look and feel of pure silk—soft, smooth and lustrous.” – Tatcha.com


My experience: I actually didn’t think I’d end up with TWO Tatcha products in this blog review, but here we are! The silk cream is more of a weightless cream/gel. It is the most unique moisturizer I have ever used because the consistency and the way it feels going on is delightfully different.  I find this like the Clinique Moisture Surge – but better. The price point is high – but if you have dry skin and yet like a weightless water-like moisturizer. This is the one. Not sticky or too heavy. If you hate heavy moisturizers, but have dry skin you might want to give this a try. Disclaimer: I have very dry skin so I prefer heavy or dewy. This one didn’t hydrate quite like the other two – but comparing many different products on the market this is truly 3rd place in my opinion! I also didn’t break out with this one which is a huge deal.


Let me know if this article was helpful for you guys! For article suggestions please reach out.






Top Professional Skincare Lines For Estheticians

Top professional skincare lines for Estheticians

It is no surprise that estheticians secretly rule the world.. seriously. Estheticians cure our skin woes and make us look fab-u-lous 24/7. How? They clean out our pores, fix our skin imperfections and make our skin dreams come true. Who needs a snap chat filter when you’ve got an estie with some rockin’ products to sell you?

I have many years experience in skin care, and have owned my own successful spa. I’m going to tell you my secrets when choosing a skincare line and give you my honest opinions on wholesale skin care lines for estheticians, based on my experience.  Looking for top professional skincare lines for estheticians? Look no further!

I will start by telling you some tips I’ve come up with in deciding on skin care lines to carry at my spa, and then give you a list of Julie approved skin care lines that sell out fast!

Keep reading to get my comprehensive list of the very best skincare lines for estheticians AND tips for choosing the right professional skin care lines for your practice!

The Skin Care Marketing Tips For Choosing The Best Skincare Line

  1. Carry at-least two professional skin care brands but no more than four

This comes from the basic law of retail sales. There is a reason why big retailers don’t just carry one type of chip. It simply doesn’t work in a competitive marketplace. It’s 2020 people, you have to keep up with market trends and stay competitive when customers can buy online with the click of a button. Carry too many brands, and you’ll start to see product not move as fast, which can be detrimental on your checkbook because many organic products have a short shelf life. Shelf life consideration is important! Marketing is all about perception. If people see a bunch of random brands on your shelf, it might be perceived that you are unorganized or aren’t committed to a brand. As an esthetician, you are expected to be an expert in your field. Act like it! Have you ever walked into somebodys house that had 20 different styles, everything was mis matched, and there was clutter everywhere? Would you trust this person to design your home? Probably not. Keep a mindful and clean retail space. If you need inspiration just head over to pinterest, or scope out some retail shelving on google.

  1. Choose the prettiest branding, it matters!

You don’t have to choose a well-known brand to make this happen, because even indie brands can have amazing aesthetics and design elements. When bringing in a line, keep in mind you will have to display these items. Will the aesthetic of the brand match the look and feel you are going for? Are the products well designed in beautiful containers, or do they look like they were produced in China sometime in 1995? It is no secret that people tend to buy what looks good. Keep this in mind when selecting a brand to carry.

  1. Choose premium skin care brands that stands out

This goes hand in hand with the earlier rule, but a brand that stands out means that it needs to catch your attention. Bright colors or bold black and white labels often do this as it attracts the eye. Choose brands that have a great name combined with packaging that makes you want to buy it.

  1. Go natural!

The biggest trend right now is ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. In my experience, people want to know what they are buying and trust that it will also do what it says it will do. Going natural also lessens the risk for skin reactions. It is no wonder so many people are seeking out natural skincare over the old store bought stuff.

  1. Go Indie!

It is no secret that consumers tend to like new brands, and enjoy trying new things. With the rise of ‘shop small’ and ‘support local’ carrying an indie brand will help you stand out. They also won’t be sold on Amazon or at Ulta. Score!

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

If you are carrying any brand in your store, the company should stand behind their values, mission, and products. Ask questions. What is the return policy? Do you offer marketing tools? Go for companies with amazing customer service that will take care of you and your customers if something should go awry.

Top Premium Skin Care Lines For Estheticians:

Fountain Of Youth Skincare

Fountain Of Youth Skin Care is making a huge impact on professional skin care in the United States, and is popular among teens and millenials. Owning a spa is increasingly needing to cater to the millennial, which is why Fountain Of Youth Skincare is a smart choice for carrying a brand that attracts millennial and has a cult-like following among this age group. With it’s natural, vegan and farm grown ingredients, people can’t stop buying the stuff! Non irritating and free of toxic ingredients, this small indie line is amazing for spas – especially those of you that want an affordable option. Minimum orders for wholesale orders are only $50, and there is no minimum order to sign up.

Note: Products not sold on Amazon or Ulta.

Visit their website here or sign up for a free instant professional account!

Farmhouse Fresh

One of my favorite professional skin care lines for spas, Farmhouse Fresh sells amazing body care grown in the USA… and from Texas! FHF offers cruelty free natural skin care and organic skincare and spa body products amazing for everyone who wants to be pampered in style!

Note: FHF is sold on Amazon and other large online retailers.

Learn more about FHF professional accounts or start shopping now!

Eminence Skin Care

One of the best skincare lines for estheticians, Eminence is a large line that is application only. They sell only to certain spas depending on the are and zip code. I like this because it limits how many spas can carry eminence in your area. The downside is they have high minimums.

Note: Eminence is sold through multiple retailers online and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a retailer!

Obagi Skin Care

You might be wondering…what is the best medical grade skin care line? I love this line and it has to be Obaji Skin Care, hands down. This line is what I would consider to be one of the best pharmaceutical grade skincare lines for estheticians and medical professionals on the market today. You must have a doctor or medical pro on staff to register as a wholesaler as these products are prescription strength.

Note: Obagi is sold through multiple retailers and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a retailer!

PCA Skin

PCA skin care was created in 1990 by an esthetician and developed by a dermatologist. Known for their peels, they offer outstanding results. Love peptides? They’ve got you covered.

Note: PCA Skin is sold through multiple retailers and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a wholesale partner!

SkinCeuticals Skin Care

When looking out for top professional skin care lines for estheticians, SkinCeuticals skincare is one of the best in show. Interested in the HydraFacial treatment, well you’re in luck because they created it! The Hydra Facial cleans, extracts, and hydrates using concentrated serums for amazing results. You must have a medical professional on staff to register for a pro account with SkinCeuticals.

Note: SkinCeuticals is sold through multiple retailers and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a retailer or start shopping now!


Epionce skin care is a medical strength grade wholesale skincare line for estheticians that is backed up by 20 years of research..Wow! All of their products are paraben, fragrance, and even gluten free!

Note: Epionce Skin Care is sold through multiple retailers and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a retailer Epionce or start shopping now!

Hale & Hush

Hale and Hush is a fragrance free line made expressly for those of us with sensitive skin. Hale & Hush skin care is a staple for sensitive skin clients, and is a truly amazing line made specifically for people with chronic skin issues because of diabetes or cancer. If you have any kind of sensitivity, Hale & Hush Skin Care is great because they don’t use fragrance or harsh ingredients.

Learn more about becoming a wholesaler with Hale and Hush here!


Dermalogica Skin Care is a well recognized line and is great for new esties as well as established practitioners. They are on the spendier side to get started but offer a plethora of education and assistance through their experienced reps.

Note: They are sold online and on Amazon.

Learn more about becoming a partner!

I hope you enjoyed my top professional skin care lines for estheticians!  Selecting a wholesale skin care line can require a lot of research – I truly hope my article gave you more insight into premium skin care lines and best professional skin care products for estheticians.

Happy Shopping! For more professional skin care posts please click here.

About the author: Julie is a project management professional specializing in digital marketing, design, and e-commerce. She has been in the beauty industry for 15 years – has built successful brands, consulted for local spas, and is an expert in beauty marketing.

For any edit suggestions, or to be featured in my blog, contact me at foreveryoungjulie@gmail.com. xoxo.

Top 3 HVAC Companies In Vancouver Washington

Top 3 HVAC Companies In Vancouver Washington

Looking for HVAC Companies In Vancouver Washington? As a blogger, I naturally want to write about the products and services I research. I also want to properly vet and look into products and services to make sure I am choosing a company that aligns with the goals I have in mind as well as working only with companies that treat their customers right. During the last month, we had an HVAC system (old unit) break down in one of our rental units and at the same time we had decided to take the plunge and replace our 30 year old AC unit in our own home. I spent a lot of time calling around to different places and researching customer reviews online for various companies to use. I wasn’t crazy about the last place we used for years in the area  so I wanted to try a new company altogether. This blog post will tell you the top 3 HVAC companies in Vancouver, WA based on my research and experience.

Note: We ended up going with Area Heating & Cooling at the end of the day, but I wanted to point out a couple other companies for you I would have gone with as well based on my research and customer service I received from them. We absolutely loved our experience with Area Heating and Cooling, and will definitely use them again!

Are you looking for a trusted HVAC company in Vancouver, Washington? Whether you need heating and cooling repair, furnace repair or furnace replacement – you’ve come to the right place! As a review junkie and a property manager, it is important that I put my money to use in the best way possible when it comes to repairs for HVAC systems in my rental units. Choosing the right HVAC company is essential because you should want the best service and quality for your money. So many HVAC companies out there want your business now, but fail to deliver long-term. Sound familiar?

I have compiled my list of HVAC heating and cooling repair companies in Vancouver, WA based upon my own unique review system; Product Quality, Quality Of Service, Customer Service and Reviews. I have personally done the leg work for you by heavily researching each company myself to give you an accurate visual of each HVAC contractor in Vancouver WA.


Area Heating And Cooling

BBB Rating: A+

Verified Website Reviews: 760 Reviews with a 4.94 out of 5.00 ranking!

Google Reviews: 178 Reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 star ranking!

Angie’s List Reviews: 103 Reviews with a 5 out of 5 star ranking!

Yelp Reviews: 28 Reviews with a 4 out of 5 star ranking!

Product & Service Quality: Area Heating carries Trane equipment and let’s face it – Trane is the very best quality products you can get with the best warranty available. Trane products are tested in the worst and most harsh weather environments and are proven to last. Secondly, Area Heating and Cooling has amazing customer service and promises to deliver great quality. This female owned & family owned HVAC company has been in business since 1975 in the greater Vancouver Metro Area, and has a great reputation for both quality and service here in Vancouver, Washington! They were also voted “Best Of Clark County” in 2017 and 2018. Area Heating specializes in energy star homes and smart home devices. They offer the latest and greatest in HVAC service technology. If you are searching for a trusted HVAC contractor Vancouver WA, you’ve come to the right place!

Website: https://www.areaheating.com/

Address: 2721 NE 65th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98661

Phone: 360-737-0811

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm + Emergency Service


Tri-Tech Heating

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Verified Website Reviews: None

Google Reviews: 67 Reviews with a 4.2 out of 5 star ranking!

Angie’s List Reviews: 53 Reviews with a 5 out of 5 star ranking!

Yelp Reviews: 17 Reviews with a 4 out of 5 star ranking!

Product & Service Quality: This company does not offer TRANE products, but they do offer alternatives that can meet your needs. Their techs are also certified and trained to install high quality HVAC products. Tri-Tech is also attentive to the needs of their customers and offer forced-air, ductless, and heat pump options.

Website: https://tri-techheating.com/

Address: 6603 NE 137th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98682

Phone: 360-891-2002

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm + Emergency Service


Blairco Heating

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Verified Website Reviews: None

Google Reviews: 39 Reviews with a 4.8 out of 5 star ranking!

Angie’s List Reviews: 90 Reviews with a 5 out of 5 star ranking!

Yelp Reviews: 9 Reviews with a 5 out of 5 star ranking!

Product & Service Quality: Blairco Heating & Air Conditioning has been heating & cooling Vancouver, WA and the surrounding areas since 1987 – quite a long time. Blairco heating and cooling is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and NW Natural Service Solutions Certified Dealer. They service and maintain all makes and models of Carrier.

Website: https://www.blaircoheating.com/

Address: 7609 MacArthur Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98664

Phone: 360-695-1476

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm + Emergency Service


Well, there you have it! My top 3 HVAC Companies In Vancouver Washington. If this article was helpful in choosing your next HVAC maitenance Vancouver Wa, please let me know in the comments!


Professional Skin Care Lines For Estheticians – The 2022 Ultimate Guide To The Best Skin Care Brands

Updated for 2022 – Professional Skin Care Lines For Estheticians – Best Professional Skin Care Products For Estheticians – The Ultimate 2022 Guide!

Are you looking for professional skin care lines for estheticians? Read on for the 2022 ultimate guide to the best skin care brands to carry in your spa!

The search for the best skin care line to sell in your spa, salon, medical office, or even mobile esthetician practice can be truly daunting. With social media and constant advertisements in our faces all day long, it can be hard to decipher what the best top rated skin care line is to invest in, and more importantly, which line is best to sell to your clients. When investing in a skincare line for your spa, it’s important to not only investigate the various brands reputation, but you also must consider the products ingredients and ingredient sourcing. There are large companies, medium companies, and indie brands to consider when making a decision to bring on a line. We all want to carry the best professional skin care line that will help target our clients’ skin concerns, but how do we find the perfect match for our practice? Worry no more! Keep reading for a short list of tips for selecting the right brand, followed by my complete list of the top 10 professional skin care lines you need in your spa right now!

Updated: January 5th, 2022

Pick at least 2 brands to carry.

My 10+ years professional experience and research indicates that carrying multiple brands can increase sales and enhance a consumers perceived buying power and options. Carrying two brands also gives you the flexibility to have more options, and more opportunities to sell clients more product for a more customized skin care routine. I have always believed a spa should carry a larger well-known brand, and a smaller indie brand. This balances the retail display, creates more interest, increases sales, and offers a diverse selection of products for your clients. It’s also safe to say that to ensure your clients have access to the most effective skin care products, sometimes you can’t get it all in just one product line. Sometimes you need a second retail line to cover all your bases!

Go with an Indie Brand.

With Amazon, Ebay, and other internet buying sites, our clients are quick to hop on board to the latest and greatest internet skincare trend. Whether it’s a peel off black charcoal masques (*gasp*) or a trending Kylie Skin mask, our clients are just as vulnerable to internet advertising as we are. That’s why it is so important to carry one strong organic vegan indie brand in your practice or spa in addition to a clinical or larger organic brand. Carrying an Indie product line is not only attractive to clients (because Indie brands are trending right now), but it will give you an edge and leverage when it comes to protecting your professional retail sales by ensuring your clients can only buy from you.

Top 10 Professional Skin Care Brands – My Ultimate Guide For 2022!

  1. Fountain Of Youth Skincare

One of the most unique (and amazingly *yummy*) up and coming top skin care companies, Fountain Of Youth Skin Care is a professional Indie brand dedicated to creating clean vegan, natural, and organic skincare made with amazing quality fruit-infused ingredients. Fountain Of Youth Skin Care is fruit infused skincare and plant based skincare that has professional grade actives for unparalleled results.  This line is perfect for all skin types, all ages, and even sensitive skin types. A boutique line of perfected trending products, FOY products will enhance your retail shelves and make your spa stand out from the crowd. Check out FOY’s chocolate #1 selling face mask and trending dewy super hydrating #1 selling moisturizer Coconut Moisturizer! Whether you are looking for skin cream brands, or just browsing for the most effective skin care products, Fountain Of Youth Skincare has you covered!

Sign up for a free instant professional account or start shopping now!

Additional Information:

– Free Shipping

– No Minimums

– Made in small batches in the USA

– Offers a professional skincare range and body care for all ages

  1. Farmhouse Fresh

One of my favorite professional skin care lines for spas, Farmhouse Fresh sells amazing body care grown in Texas. FHF offers cruelty free natural and organic skincare and spa body products amazing for everyone who wants to be pampered in style! My favorite FHF product is their whoopie cream (a delicious vanilla body cream) and their fluffy bunny body wash! I first found out about FHF when I was staying at Four Seasons Resort, and a whoopie cream jar was left on my pillow. Little did I know whoopie cream would be my go to hand cream for over 5 years!

Learn more about FHF professional accounts or start shopping now!

  1. Eminence Skin Care

One of the brands I consider to be in the top 5 premium skincare brands in the world, Eminence Organics has been one of the best skincare lines for estheticians because they are organic, provide amazing training to their partner spas, and plant a tree for every product sold. Two of my favorite products by Eminence include Eminence Facial Recovery Oil and their amazing eminence strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant!

Learn more about becoming an authorized partner or start shopping now!

  1. Obagi Skin Care

What is the best medical grade skin care line? I consider it to be Obaji Skin Care, hands down. This line is what I would consider to be one of the best pharmaceutical grade skin care lines on the market today, offering 100% prescription strength skincare products. Two of my favorite products include their and their Obagi Gentle Cleanser.

Learn more about becoming an authorized retailer!

Additional Information:

  • Available for purchase and resale only through physicians offices
  1. PCA Skin

PCA skin care was created in 1990 by an esthetician and developed by a dermatologist. I personally love receiving their peels and get them religiously! I love their peptides. One of my all time favorite peptides is their Total Strength Serum. I would recommend this line if you are not able to get an Obagi account!

Learn more about becoming an authorized partner or shop now!

  1. SkinCeuticals

When we are talking about professional skin care lines for estheticians, SkinCeuticals skin care pops into my mind as a science based company driven by results. They have been nominated by Allure for Best Of Beauty, and are well known by many. I personally adore their popular skinceuticals c e ferulic serum! You also might have heard of them because of their trending HydraFacial treatment which is all the rage right now! The Hydra Facial cleans, extracts, and hydrates using concentrated serums.

Learn more about becoming an authorized partner or start shopping now!

  1. Epionce

Epionce skin care is a physician strength pharmaceutical grade skincare line that is backed up by 20+ years of research. All of their products are paraben, fragrance, and gluten free!

Learn more about retailing Epionce or start shopping now!

  1. Hale & Hush

Hale and Hush is a fragrance free line specifically made for sensitive skin. Hale & Hush skin care is a staple for sensitive skin clients, and is a truly amazing line made specifically for people with chronic skin issues because of diabetes or cancer.

Learn more about Hale and Hush here!

  1. Dermalogica

We all know Dermalogica skin care, right? The pioneer of professional skincare! This line is a well recognized line and is amazing for new esties as well as established practitioners. A truly all around effective skin care line with many different buy-in options available.

Learn more about becoming a partner!

  1. BioElements

Last but certainly not least is Bioelements skin care! Their line is completely free of sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, fragrances and any dyes. What’s not to love?

Visit their website to find out more!

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 best skin care lines for estheticians!  Choosing a wholesale skin care line can require a lot of research – I truly hope my article gave you more insight into top skincare brands available for estheticians. 

Happy Shopping! For more professional skin care posts please click here

About the author: Julie is a project management professional specializing in digital marketing, design, and e-commerce. She has been in the beauty industry for 15 years – has helped build successful brands, consulted for local spas, and is an expert in beauty marketing.

For any edit suggestions, or to be featured in my blog, contact me at foreveryoungjulie@gmail.com.

‘Secret’ contest winners announced!

The ‘Secret’ contest was off the chain! Over 100 submissions, with a healthy mix of genres (not all progressive style). ❤️Twelve ❤️ did amazing on his 1st place style and composition- the tune was unique and authentic (never heard anything like it!!!) – so addicting to listen to. In second place ?Chevko Ronaldi ?made an amazing melody, which was a very emotional one. I think it really takes listeners to a different place. Really love this tune. In 3rd place ? Hidde? with a sick future bounce track!!! Very nice unique tune. Congratulations to everyone in the contest so many great remixes submitted that didn’t get top five but are still on my playlist.. so much talent here! ????

The winners:
1. Twelve https://soundcloud.com/…/dave-nazza-ft-westcoastjulie-secre…
2. Chevko Ronaldi https://soundcloud.com/…/dave-nazza-ft-westcoastjulie-secre…
3. Hidde https://soundcloud.com/…/dave-nazza-ft-westcoastjulie-secre…
4. Arsen & Joye Mill
5. Joysic

* The Contest winner and 2nd Place will get released by Tritone Records*
* 3rd place: Soundcloud support by Tritone Records*

??Check out the winners tracks here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EtfhaRlC20I

??Check out all submissions here: https://docs.google.com/…/1TG7cd3QlCNh349XXeVeDmAI…/htmlview




In collaboration with Tritone Records, we present a remix contest of their latest release ‘Secret’ by Dave Nazza ft. Westcoastjulie. The vocals are made for a progressive producers, but all genres are appreciated. Prizes include: official Remix release on Tritone Records. To participate, find the pack below!


*) Depending on the quality of the submission, EDMCollab reserves the right to declare no prizes


  • Dave NazzaWestcoastjulie & Tritone Records will select the winners.
  • Entries will be judged on creativity and quality. All genres accepted.
  • The contest begins January 16th, 2017. All entries must be submitted no later than February 14th, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. +1 GMT.
  • The winners will be announced on February 16th – 8:00 PM (+1 GMT) on Livestream @ FLP Family.